On The Way To The Airport
Choi Soo-ah is back at the airport in On The Way To The Airport episode 11.Youtube/Screenshot

Choi Soo-ah and Seo Do-woo are likely to face new challenges in life when On The Way To The Airport returns with episode 11 on KBS2 tonight at 10pm KST on October 26.

In episode 10, the onscreen couple decided to part ways and said their final goodbyes at the airport with teary eyes. While the university lecturer kept himself busy collecting his mother's works and fulfilling her last wish, the former flight attendant planned to stay at Jeju Island with her daughter, Park Hyo-eun.

The sequel also revealed a few details about Annie's biological father as well as the last conversation between Hye-won and her daughter. However, viewers will have to wait until the telecast of episode 11 to know more about Park Seo-yeon's character and her secrets.

In the official trailer, the male protagonist is seen holding a box containing Annie's phone with a voice recording in it. Since there are no further details available, it remains to be seen if it was her last message to the father.

Meanwhile, the promo indicates that the female lead has no escape from her professional life. The clip features her back at the airport wearing the flight attendant's uniform. The outfit looks quite different from her earlier uniform.

Did Soo-ah manage to get a job in another airline? Click here to know more about it. On The Way To The Airport episode 11 will also be available online here.

The sneak peek video also features an odd conversation between Jin-seok and Mi-jin, in which the flight attendant tells the pilot to save his family before it breaks up. The video ends by teasing a reunion of the onscreen couple again at the airport. Watch the trailer below: