On The Way To The Airport
Kim Ha-neul as Choi Soo-ah and Lee Sang-yoon as Seo Do-woo in On The Way To The Airport episode 7.You Tube/Screenshot

On The Way To The Airport returns with many twisting tales tonight, October 12, at 10 pm KST on KBS2. Episode 7 will continue to follow the lead character, Choi Soo-ah and Seo Do-woo

In addition, the upcoming sequel will dig deeper into the relationship between Park Jin-seok and Song Mi-jin while exploring the dark past of Kim Hye-won.

Click here to watch On The Way To The Airport episode 7 live online. The sequel will also be available online here.

The fans can expect some major changes in the relationship between the veteran flight attendant and the university lecturer. The official trailer features an intimate sequence between the two. So it can be assumed that they will finally become the power couple in episode 7.

However, it remains to be seen how Shin Sung-rok's character will react to his wife's extra marital relationship. The pilot is already aware of their friendship from the senior flight attendant and his long-time friend.  

Meanwhile, the eager fans of Jin-seok and Mi-jin may get to know what he meant by telling her that the trip to Sydney might help her to recollect some old memories. It has already been speculated that the two were in relationship before the pilot got married to the female lead.

The promo of KBS drama also takes viewers through a tense sequence between Choi Yeo-jin's character and his wife, wherein in Jang Hee-jin's character is seen struggling to hold back tears. Did she come to know about her husband's new love interest? The followers of Korean mini-series will have to wait because the video features her searching for the female protagonist.

Watch the trailer of On The Way To The Airport episode 7 below: