Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma
Virat said Anushka has had a positive influence on his cricketInstagram

In the second part of a special interaction between Indian captain Virat Kohli and West Indian legend Sir Vivian Richards, the master batsman from India candidly expressed his feelings towards his wife, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.

The two greats of the game were discussing various topics related to on-field performance and batting in a special chat organised by BCCI. Then, Sir Viv prompted Virat to talk about the private aspect of his life and suggested that being happy in his domestic affairs may have helped the India skipper take his performance to the next level.

"You are playing better than even now, man! Some guys relish knowing that the person they enjoy being with, (will be with them) for the rest of their lives, in the environment and doing what you are doing now, man. Some guys wouldn't have done as much. But it looks like you are really appreciating both sides of the coin man!" the legendary former Windies skipper said.

The import of Richards comments was that the elevated level of Virat's performance has something to do with him having got married to Anushka and feeling lucky to have her as his better half. The 30-year old responded to this suggestion from the great man sitting beside him by agreeing and giving a clear answer.

Virat Kohli Viv Richards
Kohli and Sir Viv in

"Actually, it's been the biggest blessing in my life apart from being blessed to play this sport. To find the right person. Because she (Anushka) is a professional herself, she totally understands my space. She guides me in the right direction.

"The thing that I have learned from us being together is that if you are willing to do things which are right in your life, off the field, and doing the difficult things and standing by them, I think that creates your personality to go on the field and do the same thing," Kohli explained.

It is interesting that these two men have shown such bonding and mutual admiration. King Viv was known for his supreme self-confidence (some people saw it as arrogance) while Virat has been noticed for his aggression and passion.

The legend from Antigua is part of the commentary team covering the ongoing two-match Test series between Kohli-led India and the hosts West Indies. In the recently-concluded three-match ODI series, the Indian captain again proved his prowess by scoring two back-to-back hundreds. However, the Test series started on a bad note for Virat as he was dismissed for a personal score of just 9 on day 1 of the first Test. But with three innings remaining, one can expect a big score from him sometime soon.