Gautam Gambhir, IPL 2017, Delhi, Abusive players
Gautam GambhirIANS

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir have been leading Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders, respectively, for sometime now and in IPL 2017 too, they are the skippers of these two sides. There are some things that are common between these two captains. Besides being born in Delhi, and having played for Delhi in the Ranji Trophy, they are both expressive players on the field, and never feel shy of letting their feeling known to their opponents.

Even before Kohli broke into the international scene, Gambhir was involved in some spats with cricketers from other countries when he represented India. Kohli has also been seen embroiled in arguments with the opponents on the field. The recent Test series against Australia is the latest example. Even these two players were seen lashing out at each other on the field during the IPL in the past.

Sometimes, they even abuse players on the field, and Gambhir feels that it comes naturally to them, as it is in Delhi genes. He believes it is the competitive nature, which has brought in such a culture.

"It just comes naturally (on-field abusing). It's just the culture. That's the way you've been brought up and maybe the competitive edge as well. Being from Delhi and being so competitive normally that's how the culture is," Gambhir said in the video.

The left-hander also agreed that Delhi people , and cited Virat and himself as an example.

"Looking at someone like me and Virat obviously you can say that (Delhi people abuse more than others). There is nothing wrong in it unless you don't take it personally. If you keep it on the field that's absolutely fine. But yes, somewhere down the line you cannot cross the line," Gambhir added. 

There is no problem when players get emotional on the field, show their frustration, but there is a line, which they should not cross. It is fine, unless it does not lead to controversies and unwanted attention.

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