Bull playing football

Noted cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle shared an incredible video which shows a bovine creature, possibly a bull, who has a football close to himself, protecting it from a group of boys to whom it may have originally belonged. The kids try to approach the bull from different directions to retrieve the ball but the bull is hyper alert and makes sure that it remains safely in his possession and within his legs.

What is even more amazing is that the bull even dribbles the ball forward using his hoof and shin and seems to control it as well as professional footballers. At one stage, the creature even puts the tip of his hoof on the ball, just as footballers do, as if looking to see where he can pass it.

When a couple of boys get near to obtain the ball from him, the bovine turns towards them and tries to fend them off with his horns. In fact, on one occasion, a boy gets close to the ball and kicks it but the bull manages to retain the possession.


It eventually turns into some sort of a match between the bull and the boys. They approach the bull from various directions but he is ready to turn towards them and fend them away. Eventually one of the boys draws the bull away from the ball while another kicks it away from the bull. Then the players start kicking it to each other in the field and the bull responds by running towards whichever one has the ball.

Harsha Bhogle who described it as "the funniest things you would see today." The official Twitter handle of the Indian football team responded to Bhogle by saying that "our scouts are looking into this." They also used the hashtag #BackTheMoo. It has to be said that the enthusiasm that the bull showed for retaining possession of the ball would make it a very good defender.