Victoria on PBS
Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in the PBS MASTERPIECE's TV seriesYoutube Screenshot

PBS Masterpiece is ready to air a new episode of its new TV series Victoria this Sunday. The previous episodes have revealed that the new queen Victoria is trying to cope with her role with the help of Prime Minister Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell).

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As the previous episodes showed the young queen's closeness with Lord Melbourne, gossip mills have started working overtime. The queen has also developed feelings for him and finally expressed herself to Lord M. But he would leave Victoria fearing scandal.

Meanwhile, the preview of the forthcoming episode hints at Victoria's uncle King Leopold suggesting Victoria to consider Prince Albert as a suitable consort, which results in the young queen being surrounded by suitors. But the young queen is determined to rule independently, leaving her uncle suspicious of her closeness to Melbourne.

According to ITV (where the series has already been premiered last year), the episode 3 will show Victoria's uncle Leopold urging Victoria to secure the monarchy by marrying her cousin Albert. Sensing an opportunity to finally control the headstrong Queen, Conroy latches on to the plan. Victoria, however, demonstrates utter indifference to all suitors, because (as Leopold rightly suspects) the only man that really interests Victoria is her Prime Minister. When the Chartists strike again, Victoria is compelled to confess the depth of her feelings to Melbourne. The distress of her senior dresser Jenkins at the brutal execution of the Chartists inspires Victoria to defy Melbourne's harsh ruling and a more lenient sentence is granted. She is outraged to hear that Albert is arriving at Leopold's behest.

Here's the official synopsis of episode 3 (according to Masterpiece):

One of Victoria's suitors pays a surprise visit, igniting the queen's fiery temper and earning her disdain. Can this "Clockwork Prince" redeem himself?

Victoria episode 3 will air on PBS Masterpiece on Sunday (January 29) at 10 pm EST. You can live stream the episode here.