Donald Trump
President Trump with Anthony Pratt (C) and Aussie PM Scott Morrison (R)Twitter

Americans don't know much about cricket and their current President Donald Trump is no exception. So, when something related to cricket is mentioned to POTUS, it needs to be explained with an American example.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is on a visit to the United States of America and in one of his meetings with his American counterpart, an interesting episode ensued. The two leaders of their countries visited a factory in the state of Ohio for the opening ceremony. This factory belongs to a company owned by Australian businessman Tony Pratt.

When Pratt interacted with the American President, in the presence of his country's PM, the billionaire businessman from down under decided to heap lavish praise on his nation's Prime Minister and impress the President.

In order to emphasize the success of PM Morrison, as he sees it, on the issue of job creation, Pratt compared the Australian Prime Minister with the biggest sporting icon his country has produced – Sir Donald Bradman.


He told the US President, "The Prime Minister has generated 29,000 jobs per month since he was the treasurer and he is the Don Bradman of Australian job creation." At that moment, Pratt realised that the American President may not have even heard of Don Bradman and certainly would not know the unprecedented levels of success that he achieved in the international arena.

So, the Australian tycoon decided to explain the greatness and importance of Sir Don to the US President by drawing a comparison which was certainly enlightening. Pratt added: "Don Bradman was our Babe Ruth." The Aussie PM chips in at the last moment to add "In cricket."

Babe Ruth is regarded as the greatest baseball player in history. While he may not evoke the same level of reverence that Sir Don does in his country, he was as good an example as any to describe the legendary status of the former Aussie batsman

PM Morrison had arrived in the United States on Friday and has been part of various events. The American President also threw a state dinner in honour of his Australian counterpart. This is a special honour for the current PM of Australia as the last time a state dinner was organised in the White House for the visiting Prime Minister of the land down under was when John Howard was in that position and George W Bush was occupying the White House.