Temperature Of Love
Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim actor Yang Se Jong as chef On Jung Sun in SBS drama Temperature Of Love.SBS

Temperature Of Love will feature a new beginning for chef On Jung Seon in episodes 27 and 28. These episodes will air on SBS this Monday, November 6, at 10 pm KST.

The chef is going to run the restaurant business all by himself. He is confident, but also scared of the outcome. There is no one to guide him or help him in his new venture. He is the only one responseible if he does not succeed.

The promo shows Chef On informing the employees about the new beginning and cheering them up. The video then shows the chef and his friend Choi Won Joon desperately waiting for feedback from an important customer.

Viewers will get to know more about the new character in the upcoming episodes.

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The preview also shows director Kim Joon Ha and screenwriter Ji Hong A arguing at Park Jung Woo's office. From the screenwriter's expression, it is clear that she gets all the support. So, the director furiously walks out of the room.

The footage then features a conversation between On Jung Seon and Park Jung Woo. Although Jung Woo tries to rekindle his friendship with Jung Seon, he tries to avoid any friendly conversation and walks out of the room.

Watch the trailer here:

Click here to watch Temperature Of Love episodes 27 and 28 tonight at 10 pm KST on SBS.

Korean drama lovers can also catch up with the latest episodes of the show on various video streaming sites like Viki and DramaFever, in case they missed it.