A video of a semitrailer overturning due to strong winds on Kansas highway has shocked quite a few internet users. The video was shared on Twitter by Trooper Michael Racy on March 16 and has garnered more than 24,800 views at the time of writing the article.

The video was recorded on the dashcam of a trailing vehicle.

In the 14-second clip, a semitrailer is seen cruising along US 283 (highway in the United States) south of Dodge City. Suddenly the trailer begins to move rightward as strong gusts of wind hit it and ultimately flips over on its side. Moreover, the vehicle is seen skidding for a little while before coming to a halt.

A Twitter user said: "UNREAL!! Sure glad no one was hurt... how scary that must have been not to mention what happened once the load began to slide. Cleanup must have been a brutal mess depending on what it was!" another person commented: "To light for that wind. I've seen the wind blow over trucks in the truck stops. Looks like great big dominoes all leaning over."

Check out the video here:

Last year, a similar video surfaced on the internet. A tractor-trailer was tipped by strong winds in Colorado.

Another video, which shows a truck topple over onto a patrol car after being hit by a strong gust of wind had gone viral. The footage was recorded at Interstate 80 in southern Wyoming.