Sachin drives Formula 1 car
Sachin, seated in an F1 car, receiving instructionsTwitter

The love that Sachin Tendulkar has for cars, especially Ferrari, is well known. It was he who waved the chequered flag at the finish line for the maiden Indian Grand Prix at Buddh International Track in 2011. He has also owned a Ferrari car which, according to his close friends, he loves to take for a drive late in the night when the roads are empty in Mumbai.

But, apparently, there is one dream that the Master Blaster has had for a long time but couldn't realise. It was of driving an actual Formula 1 car. Finally, he got to do this also and shared his experience on Twitter with millions of his fans.

As part of a promotional campaign for Apollo Tyres, the legendary Indian cricketer drove a Formula 1 car on the racing track in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Putting out a tweet with the video of this epic drive, the retired Indian batsman wrote: "Being a passionate car enthusiast, I always had my eyes on driving a formula (1) car. My dream of doing so came true when I got to drive one in Prague because of Apollo Tyres. The drive was fun and once I had the hang of it, I could drive faster."

The tweet from TendulkarTwitter

The video of Sachin's latest drive was also shared along with this text by the man himself. It shows him wearing the driver's suit and putting on the helmet. Then there are some instructions issued to him by one of the personnel present at the spot. We then see shots of him racing the car on the empty track, including from the camera placed behind the driver's head.

We are yet not aware of the highest speed that Sachin was able to reach but he seems as much in control of this drive as he was during his famous straight or cover drives.