Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim is likely to take an interesting turn in episode 19.Twitter/SBS

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim will take its viewers through a rollercoaster ride in episode 19, scheduled to be telecast on Tuesday, January 10, on SBS at 10pm KST.

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The sequel will not just bring in new challenges for young surgeon Kang Dong-joo but it will also reveal new details about Kim Sa-bu (Teacher Kim) a.k.a Boo Yong-joo's past. It has already been revealed in episode 18 that the male protagonist will not just quietly watch the evil moves by his rival Do Yoon-wan.

Although the president of Geodae Hospital tried his best to shift Chairman Shin from Doldam Hospital to a super speciality hospital in Seoul, the chief surgeon at the countryside hospital strongly stood up against it. Since the VIP patient regained his consciousness, the antagonist decided to target Yoo Yeon-seok's character to take his revenge on the male lead.

Do In-bum's father sent a registered mail to the young surgeon with fake details about his father's treatment. Han Suk-kyu's character has already figured it out but he has his own way of dealing with the problems.

The promo for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim shows Kang Dong-joo confronting Kim Sa-bu about his father's death and he calmly says: "Yes, I remember that operation. I made the decision on that one." His words hurt the young surgeon and he made a major mistake while operating his patient.

In the meantime, the tabloid journalist secretly carried out an investigation on Do Yoon-wan and found out that he was the game player. "You have covered your fault with Boo Yong Joo's name 14 years ago, and his name is now nowhere to be found," he told the antagonist.

The president of Geodae Hospital tells the media person that he is being fooled. "Do you know what the easiest thing in this world is? It's breaking a relationship. You can do it with a word," he says.

The sneak peek video then takes its viewers through the conversation between Boo Yong-joo and his rival, wherein the latter asks: "What do you mean, you will fight against the hospital? Do you think you will win?"

Followers of the mini-series across the globe can watch it online via live streaming here. The sequel will also be available online here.

Watch the official trailer for the Korean mini-series below: