Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
Kim Yoo Yeon-seok and Kim Min-jae in SBS medical drama Romantic Doctor Teacher.Twitter/SBSNOW

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim is coming close to its conclusion and it is likely to feature some unexpected twists for Kim Sa-bu a.k.a Boo Yong-joo and his rival Do Yoon-wan in episode 20.

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It has already been revealed that Chairman Shin is hiding something from the Chief Surgeon of Doldam Hospital and only his secretary knows about it. Is he planning to appoint the male protagonist as the president of Geodae Hospital?

Throughout his life, the antagonist never followed any medical ethics and did everything for power. He even tried to stop Joo Hyun's character from going under the knife, fearing that he would lose his position as the head of the super speciality hospital. But things might turn against him after the chairman recovers from his risky heart transplant surgery.

Although the male protagonist once mentioned that his VIP patient is a hypocrite, it seems that he was wrong. The recent episodes indicate that all the partial decisions favouring Choi Jin-ho's character were made by Hyun-jung. It remains to be seen how the lives of Boo Yong-joo and Do Yoon-wan will change after Chairman Shin regains consciousness.

Meanwhile, SBS revealed that the network will air a special episode for fans of the medical drama after its finale. The sequel will probably revolve around Doldam Hospital and his dedicated staff members.

"There was a flood of requests from the viewers to extend the drama, and writer Kang Eun Kyung even said, 'I want to give back to the viewers.' So we decided to make a prequel episode," the spokesperson said.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim continues to maintain the top position in viewership rankings of Monday-Tuesday dramas. Episode 17 of the Korean mini-series gathered a television rating of 29.7 percent. The production team cited good looks and charming personalities of its cast members as the reason for its popularity.

"Yoo Yeon Seok, Yang Se Jong, and Kim Min Jae's good looks and great personalities brighten the filming atmosphere and strengthen their teamwork. Please keep watching the three actors' endless growth in the drama," the representative said (via Soompi).