The new trailer of CW's Riverdale has everything to offer — sex, wedding, gunshot. Released on Wednesday, the 30-second-long trailer opens with all the key-characters bunching up at Pop's, dressed like the old original Archie characters from the 50s.

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The trailer depicts that KJ Apa's Archie seems to be panicked as he is held at gunpoint by a masked man. Archie's father Fred Andrews is seen admitted in a hospital while Jughead's (Cole Sprouse) voice-over continues: "What if robbery wasn't the motive? People hold grudges."

Riverdale Season 2Youtube Screenshot

Besides this, the brief trailer gives us the glimpses of a few key plot details including Archie and Veronika's steamy shower scene and Bughead hooking up in the rain.

As the trailer continues, we get to see Archie's mother Mary is back in town (Molly Ringwald) who winks at Veronica as Hirem Lodge's daughter is walking down the aisle. But, the mystery intensifies here — who is Veronica getting married to?

However, Veronica's father Hirem Lodge, portrayed by Mark Consuelos, has finally made an appearance in the trailer. Although it is actually a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, you have to pause exactly at 0:22 mark to catch a glimpse.

Watch the full trailer for Riverdale Season 2 below.

Based on Archie Comics, CW drama Riverdale Season 2 will return to the small screen on October 11 at 8/7 c. It will later be available on Netflix as well.