Restaurant employee
[Representative Image] Restaurant employeeHOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images

A video of a restaurant employee spitting in a customer's meal has gone viral on social media. The owners of the Pita Pit restaurant have now tendered an apology to the customer on Facebook and also clarified that the employee was fired.

The incident occurred in Missoula town in the US state of Montana.  

Taking to Facebook, ShaeLynn MadPlume, the Pita Pit customer shared the video Saturday, March 24. She said that the incident took place at PITA PIT in Missoula, "which doesn't close until 3am."

She captioned: "we come in at approximately 2.00am trying to order food and this racist woman spit in our food because apparently 'she was having a bad day and didn't wanna be at work!'"

The video went viral in no time and was shared more than 4,000 times. At the time of reporting, the video has been watched by more than 200,000 viewers.

You can watch the video here.

In an official statement posted on Facebook, the restaurant owners stated that they are deeply saddened by the incident and offered the "sincerest apology".

The statement reads: "I don't know what happened before or after this video was taken but please don't listen to those who speculate. I can see what happened during the video and there is no excuse whatsoever for the type of behavior shown by an employee that I can assure you is no longer working for us."

Missoula Police said they are investigating the incident.

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