After a strenuous episode last week, wherein Francis (Toby Regbo) cheated death, we were expecting a breezier episode for Friday, 13 November. However, there is no such thing as breezy in the "Reign" universe, and we will soon learn that although Francis narrowly escaped death, "living" is not a state he will continue to be in.

"In a Clearing" will see a thankful Mary contemplating on signing away the English throne, and continuing to stay in France. In the promo for the episode, we see Mary telling Francis that they have been given a miraculous second chance and that she doesn't want to waste even a single minute of it.

Last week we learned how much she loves her husband, having been willing to give up her own life to ensure his safety. However, it was her ailing mother Marie de Guise (Amy Brenneman) that lost her life in exchange for her son-in-law's life.

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However, it would be wise of the queen to hold on to all the special moments with her husband precious, because according to Nostradamus' (Rossif Sutherland) new vision, their luck isn't going to last long. He is seen revealing this vision to Catherin (Megan Follows).

He infers that Francis' future may be in danger on seeing a "flowering tree unlike any I've seen... Strange and dream-like. And then there is blood," he told her. As his voiceover describes this vision, we see Mary ripping a banner from the ceiling as she screams, covered in blood.

Will the upcoming "In a Clearing" see the death of Fracis? Find out in Season 3 Episode 5 of "Reign" at 8.00 pm (EST) on The CW. You can also live stream the same via CWTV.