We have known for a while that Francis' (Toby Regbo) life will not go beyond Season 3, but we didn't know when exactly he will die. He has been sick for a while, and his health is steadily deteriorating; add to this, the promo clip for "The Price", and seems like Season 3 Episode 3 will be the end of the King of France.

Although Mary (Adelaide Kane) tries to be there for her husband, more pressing matters come into picture in the form of her ailing mother (Amy Brennaman). She informs Mary about the dire situation in Scotland. Meanwhile, King Antoine (Ben Aldridge) returns to the French Court and Francis and Mary are trying to hide the former's sickness from him, at least until their family's future is secure.

In the promo clip from Episode 3, we see Francis collapsing as he and Mary walk down the stairs, and the Queen of France frantically calling for the guards to help her husband up. In the promotional pictures that have been released, we also see a devastated Bash (Torrance Coombs) and Charles (Spencer MacPherson) staring at Francis.

If the King is not dead by the end of the episode, he is at least gravely sick, and is not likely to make a comeback from that in the series.

In Episode 3 "The Price", you can also expect to see Catherine (Megan Follows) fighting to become the regent to Charles and going up against Narcisse (Craig Parker) for the same. Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) faces immense pressure to get married, and it looks like she will pay heed to them in the upcoming episode.

Watch out for Season 3 Episode 3 of "Reign" at 8.00pm on Friday, 23 October. You can also live stream "The Price" via CWTV