After a week-long break, The CW's "Reign" is returning on air with Season 3 Episode 4 on Friday, 6 November. In the last couple of episodes, we saw King Francis' (Toby Regbo) health get from bad to worse. Mary (Adelaide Kane) does not want to see her husband wither away and looks for ways to save his life.

In the upcoming episode, "The Price", we see Mary turning to magic, looking for ways to save Francis' life. However, like we all know, all magic comes at a price, and in this case it is one life for another. In a promo clip for the episode, we see Mary saying "If the price is my life for his, bring him back."

In the promo, we see Francis taking a sudden breath in while lying down in his bed and it seems like he is in a lot of pain. But, the one thing history has taught us is that Mary outlives Francis and regardless of how hard Mary tries, it looks like Francis' fate is already decided.

However, seeing as his name is being mentioned in the many upcoming episodes, he may not meet his maker immediately. However, we cannot say the same about Mary's mother (Amy Brennaman) who is also rapidly weakening like her son-in-law.

"The Price" will also pit Catherine (Megan Follows) against Narcisse (Craig Parker) as Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) continues to fight getting married.

Watch out for Season 3 Episode 4 of "Reign" at 8.00 pm on Friday, 6 November. You can also live stream "The Price" via CWTV.