As Season 3 of "Reign" commences, the trials and tribulations in the lives of the European royalty continues. In Episode 2 of The CW series, we will see the rivalry between Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) continue.

In the premiere episode "Three Queens, Two Tigers" we saw Mary and Francis (Toby Regbo) get frantic for money and hiring Martin (Sameer Usami) to steal for them. Meanwhile, their arch rival Elizabeth, at the behest of Catherine (Megan Follows), sends messengers to Rome to expose Mary's affair with Louis (Sean Teale). However, the message never reaches anyone significant because the Vatican secretly murders the messengers.

Unperturbed, Elizabeth expressing her interest in marrying Francis' younger brother Charles (Spencer MacPherson), sends a proposal to France. The proposal is immediately rejected by Francis, but Mary and he pretend to accept it, so as to create a distraction that would allow their spies to kidnap Catherine back to France. The proposal also gave a reason for Francis to talk to Mary about his fatal sickness, and reveals to her, that when it happens Charles will be the king.

If that were to happen, Elizabeth would become all-powerful. But for now, she is still in England, and is having an affair with a commoner Robert Dudley (Charlie Carrick). We can hope for the drama to thicken, when the show airs episode 2 of the season.

Here is the synopsis for "Betrothed":

"Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) must deal with the political backlash of harboring Catherine (Megan Follows) in England, while Catherine is imprisoned upon her return to France. Mary (Adelaide Kane) is forced to make some difficult decisions about securing Scotland's future and Lola (Anna Popplewell) is conflicted in her feelings for Narcisse (Craig Parker). Toby Regbo, Torrance Coombs, Celina Sinden, Jonathan Keltz and Rose Williams star."

Watch out for Season 3 Episode 2 of "Reign" at 8.00pm on Friday, 16 October. You can also live stream "Betrothed" via CWTV.