Supernatural Season 11 has gone on a short break

"Supernatural" premiered its Season 11 with a big bang last Wednesday and the storyline is only getting more intense with each episode. In the previous episode, we saw Darkness wrecking havoc before taking the shape of an infant named Amara.

Dean (Jensen Ackles) was informed by Darkness that because he was the one who freed her, they will always have a connection, and that they will protect each other. Proving this statement true, Dean does everything in his power to protect the newborn baby, who, it turns out, is an incarnation of Darkness herself.

In a promo clip for the upcoming episode titled "Form and Void", Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) describes Amara as the baby that "eats souls". But it will be difficult for the Winchesters to destroy Darkness regardless of its powers; it is still packaged in a cute little baby, and the boys have never had to kill a baby first. 

Darkness is also more powerful than anything the Winchester boys have encountered ever before. As Crowley puts it, "Whatever is in that house, I can taste the power". We know that Darkness used to exist long before the world and even God. In fact, the only known entity to have existed before Darkness is Death, and Dean closed that door in Season 10 finale by killing Reaper.

But God was once successful in locking Darkness up with the help of the arch angels, two of whom are locked in a prison, thanks to Sam (Jared Padelecki) and Dead. Rumours are abuzz that the Winchesters, with the help of Crowley, may bring back Michael and Lucifer to help defeat Darkness.

Watch out for Season 11 Episode 2 of "Supernatural" at 9.00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 14 October in The CW. You can also live stream via CWTV.