Season 3 premiere of The CW's "Reign" is finally upon us and we can now transport back to the regal lives of Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Elizabeth I (Rachel Skarsten). In the coming season, "Reign" will start telling the story of Elizabeth, as Mary deals with the impending death of her husband Francis II (Toby Regbo).

It is understood that both Francis and Mary have come to terms with the fact that the former's time is limited, and their actions and decisions this season will reflect this.

"I think he and Mary will soon come to make decisions really believing that his time is limited, and what that's going to give you is an incredible poignancy to their relationship and it's also going to light a fire under both of them to achieve some things and to maybe take some short cuts that they wouldn't otherwise take," show-runner Laurie McCarthy told EW.

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This also means that the shippers of "Frary" will get to see a lot more of them, especially because this period of Francis' sickness will be highly dramatised this season. Meanwhile, Mary's foe Elizabeth will get prominence this season, and because she is Mary's foe, she is by default more of a villain in the series, but she will not be depicted just as that.

We will see, during the course of the series, that Elizabeth is someone that was thrust into the limelight. We see her during the initial stages of her monarchy and therefore, she is still very insecure even if she is quite powerful on the outside.

Watch out for season 3 premiere of "Reign" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Friday, 9 October on The CW. You can also live stream "Three Queens, Two Tigers" via CWTV.