February is finally here and this month is special since a number of new TV shows are making their debut on TV. One of the many much anticipated shows is DC's sitcom Powerless. It is the first comedy show from the DC camp and it will be aired on the NBC at 8:30 pm ET. 

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The series is set in a corporation run by Bruce Wayne's cousin Van Wayne which develops products to help human shield from super human fights. When a show focuses on super fights and its effect on people, the first episode is bound to begin with a super fight. The first episode will begin with a battle involving a super villain, Crimson Fox and Green Lantern.

It is between the fight that the lead character, Emily Locke, played by Vanessa Hudgens will be seen introduced. The first episode also marks Locke's first day at work. She will be seen joining as director of research and development for Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises which specialises in products that make defenceless bystanders feel a little safer.

Filled with enthusiasm and ideas, Emily understands that her expectations from the work don't match with that of her boss and colleagues. The first episode, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, will see the quirky nature of Emily and her colleagues and a number of references to super heroes connected to DC's comics world intact.

The show also features Danny Pudi as Teddy, Emily's best friend at work, Alan Tudyk as Van Wayne, Bruce Wayne's cousin and Emily's boss, Christina Kirk as Jackie, Emily's co-worker and superhero fan and Ron Funches as Ron, the IT guy.

The duration of each episode is 30 minutes. The first episode is aired on NBC on February 2, Thursday. The show will be shown every Thursday. You can also stream the entire episode here.