DC Entertainment fans and critics have noticed, through different movies and shows, that the franchise's movies and shows share the story of their superheroes and villains in a rather dark shade. The presentation is quiet serious. Assuming the criticism has affected them, the production house has now decided to loosen up a little as they present a comedy series taking a dig at their own comic characters. Titled Powerless, the DC show will be aired on NBC from February.

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Powerless follows the genre adopted by fantasy comedy TV shows like The Good Place, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. The show stars Vanessa Hudgens in the lead, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Christina Kirk and Ron Funches. The first episode of the show is directed by Michael Patrick Jann and is aptly named Wayne or Lose.

But why exactly should you watch the new DC presentation? Here are five reasons to not miss the next DC Entertainment TV show:

  1. It is the first-ever comedy series from the world of DC
  2. Hudgens, popularly known for her girl next door role in High School Musical, will be donning the role of Emily Locke, director of research and development for Wayne Security. Despite working for a superhero gadget/products manufacturing company, she won't be seen a rough and tough avatar. Instead, she will be seen as a sweet person who just wants to help people.
  3. Bruce Wayne's cousin Van Wayne is leading the company so there are chances that Bruce Wayne could make a comical appearance.
  4. You will witness one of the best (and a number of worst) experiments come to life. Some of them will be mind-blowing, while many others will make you blow your minds off. These products are made to help residents recoup from damages caused by superheroes and supervillains.
  5. There are going to ample number of jokes, puns and digs on Batman, Joker and other DC characters.

Meet the team of Powerless on February 2. The episode premieres next Thursday at 8:30/7:30c.