While Marvel is occupied with its X-Men shows on FX, DC Entertainment is gearing up for its first comedy show, Powerless. Airing on NBC, the new show focuses on the lives of the ordinary amidst the superhero-villain battle. A refreshing take for DC fans, who have always seen the dark and serious sides of the comics, Powerless will telecast the story of a group of individuals working on experiments to help ordinary people from the damage caused by super fights.

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The story is set in a manufacturing company run by Bruce Wayne's annoying cousin, Van Wayne. The show will see Vanessa Hudgens play the lead. The star cast also includes Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk (playing Wayne's cousin), Christina Kirk and Ron Funches playing key characters in the show.

Since the show revolves around the lives of ordinary people in a world of superheroes, a few superheroes are bound to visit the show. Given that the production house is set by Bruce's cousin, viewers could expect a surprise visit from Batman himself.

The trailer also has a number of Superman references. Hopefully, we see the Man of Steel dropping by at Charm City (the fictional city where the story is set) for one of the episodes. But, who are the other DC superheroes that could appear on the show? Here's a look at the possible list.

Crimson Fox:

The DC super heroine is definitely making an appearance on the show. And she will be one among the first ones to be a part of it. The confirmation was made in the very first trailer shared by the production team. Now, an exclusive clip showing her catching a train has also been released.

Jack O'Lantern:

Apart from Crimson Fox, another confirmed superhero that will be appearing on the NBC show is Jack O' Lantern. The two heroes will be seen fighting in the pilot episode of the show.

Wonder Woman:

In an interview at San Diego Comic Con last year, Hudgens revealed that the first claim Emily Locke will be seen working on is one caused by Wonder Woman. So, chances are we could get a glimpse of Wonder Woman in action before the claim takes place.


Christina Kirk's character on Powerless is shown having a thing for Aquaman. While it is not sure if he will make an appearance, it would be awesome to see Jason Momoa (or anyone similar) walk into the show for a quick cameo.

The Flash and Arrow:

The two superheroes have individual shows on CW. However, the reference of Big Belly Burger makes viewers hope that the three show clash and maybe NBC and CW crossover takes place (you never know).