DC Entertainment is gearing up for the premiere of its first-ever comedy show that will take a dig at its own superheroes and supervillains. And the most common superhero reference, according to the trailers, that will be seen in the show seems to be Superman. The show is based in a company/lab that is set by Bruce Wayne's cousin Van Wayne.

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In the new trailer released by the team, one of the inventors from Emily Locke's team (played by Vanessa Hudgens) reveals Kryptonite windows to help building windows from breaking down when Superman crosses by. In what seems like a pep talk, Emily is seen quoting Bruce Wayne. "Bruce Wayne wrote winners are just losers that don't accept defeat. If we came up with a game-changing product, Bruce would have to reconsider," she says.

Immediately, one of the team members reveals the Kryptonite Windows. Which means that every time Superman flies close to the office building window, his powers will weaken and he will safely bounce off. However, he does not consider that fact that if people, who are behind the particular window need help, Superman will not be able to do anything. For more such failed experiments and hilarious outcomes you can tune into the show on NBC.

There are definitely going to be some Joker and Batman reference and jokes made on their cost. There are a lot of expectations from the show as many fans have found the trailers promising and hope that it doesn't fail them. The show is developed by Cars 2 screenplay writer Ben Queen and the first episode is directed by Michael Patrick Jann, known for his work in The State, the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous and Comedy Central's show Reno 911!

The show premieres on February 2 at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.