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Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has released a chilling video of a man setting a subway train on fire. The accused was arrested last month.

The incident happened on a southbound train near Argyle Avenue station in Rogers Park on January 18.

In the video, the young man is seen sitting on the train, holding something in his hand while arguing with an officer, who was standing at the gate. The man was then seen getting up and approaching the second man. They started hitting each other, which prompted two more Chicago Police officers to intervene.

As the officers were pinning down the accused, the end of the train coach erupts in flames. The footage shows, the coach getting filled with smoke as the officers drag the miscreant out.

Police have identified the accused as David M. Ferguson. The 28-year-old reportedly splashed paint thinner on himself, several seats and even on one another passenger.

According to Chicago Tribune, the fire caused a damage worth $10,000 to the train car. Though no one was injured, a CTA employee was rushed to a nearby hospital after he inhaled smoke.

Ferguson has been detained and charged with aggravated arson and aggravated battery.

Check out the video here: