"Nashville" season 4 is back after a short hiatus of two weeks. It last aired its episode 8, titled "Ungaurded Moments", on 18 November and the drama continues on 2 December with episode 9. Even this week, we will see fan-favourite couple Rayna-Deacon play up in the spot.

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Last week in episode 8, we saw the Rayna-Deacon bond getting stronger as they deal with rebellious Maddie as a couple together. Maddies was seen going through a rough patch, dying her hair and being rude to everyone. And then, she gets an offer from Sony, but Rayna doesn't want to let her take it.

Meanwhile, Markus' album is going really well and Scarlett and Gunnar, on the other hand are out on tour. We also saw Colt having some trust issues with Luke. And Luke is seen blaming himself for everything that has happened -- Juliette going crazy, Jeff dying and Colt not trusting him. The episode also threw light on how Avery misses Juliette and keeps thinking about her all the time.

At the end of the "Ungaurded Moments", Rayna and Deacon have a family discussion and tell Maddie and Daphne that she will sign them to Highway 65. Maddie tells Daphne that Rayna only signed them to keep Maddie under control.

This week in episode 9, we will see fan-favourite couple Rayna-Deacon again facing newer challenges with Markus causing more trouble. While the couple successfully managed to deal with parental disagreements quick enough, but it looks like there are more problems in store for them as Rayna's new artist has decided to discard one of the songs in his upcoming album, which will soon be released.

The preview for "Three's A Crowd" also shows Avery refusing to take money from Juliette's account to help take care of Cadence despite having a hard time earning money on his own. Also Luke will try and fix things with Colt, while Scarlett plans a surprise for Caleb.

Plot synopsis of "Three's A Crowd" reads: "Markus scraps a song off his new album a week before its release; Luke tries to fix things with Colt; Scarlett gets time off her tour and surprises Caleb."

"Nashville" season 4 episode 9, titled "Three's A Crowd", will be aired on ABC on 2 December, 10 pm.