"Nashville" season 4 is getting really dramatic, emotional and depressing with every progressing episode. And, episode 6 will bring the focus back on Juliette's wrecking condition and almost-ended marriage with Avery.

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In last week's episode, we saw Scarlette going back to her mom's home in Mississippi to clean it up and there, Deacon appears. The two spend time together, reconcile and are seen having flashbacks of their memories with Beverly. In episode 5, we also saw how Rayna decides to send Maddie with Colt and Luke to his concert in Atlanta and watch Juliette perform. At the arena, Maddie is seen spending a lot of time with Juliette and is even invited on stage to sing. But this infuriates Luke, who tells Juliette: "Don't try to play cool mom with someone else's kid just because she abandoned her own."

On the other hand, Avery starts working with Markus, but things don't work out and Markus fires him. "Stop the World" also showed Juliette repenting that she thought something was going on between Avery and Emily. So, she is seen apologising to Emily. But when she is on her way back to Nashville, she finds out that Cadence went to the hospital and even before she had a chance to leave, she meets Avery, who tells her that he wants a divorce and full custody of the baby.

This week's episode will pick from where the previous one left and repercussions of what Avery said will be seen affecting Juliette in episode 6. The promo of "Please Help Me, I'm Fallin" teases that Juliette will hit rock bottom all over again and the divorce news will ruin all the progress she had made till now.

The preview shows that Juliette will get into a brawl with a fan and the clip showing the showdown goes viral. The country singer will be seen failing to maintain the happy face that she wears in public and is not able to hide her personal issues anymore. She's still not seeking help for postpartum depression. And Jeff, on the other hand, will try to use this opportunity and see this as an opening for his own career.

Meanwhile, Avery will notice the wrecking Juliette and will want to help her, but the trailer of the show teases that he may not be able to make it in time. The trailer closes with the scene where Juliette is seen on a rooftop, hinting that something fatal may happen in this or the coming episodes.

Plot synopsis of "Please Help Me, I'm Fallin" reads:

When video of Juliette getting in an altercation with a fan goes viral, Jeff takes advantage of the situation; Maddie misses Colt; Rayna and Markus disagree about his sound.

"Nashville" season 4 episode 6 titled "Please Help Me, I'm Fallin" will be aired on ABC on 28 October at 10 pm.