"Nashville" season 4 is turning out to be nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster. Juliette's depression has now reached a fatal stage, which cost Jeff his life. After opening to the tragic death of Jeff last week in episode 7, this week's episode 8 will focus on parenting issues that Rayna-Deacon and Luke are facing and how Juliette is dealing with her postpartum depression.

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After a week's break, last week "Nashville" season 4 returned with its episode 7 and we must say, it was quite an emotional one. The episode opens by showing Jeff's death, who fell off the rooftop while trying to save the depressed and drunk Juliette. And this was witnessed by Luke's son Colt, who goes and tells it all to his father.

The episode also showed how more trouble was brewing up for Juliette, who has media chasing her for interviews after the incident. But, in order to save her skin, she tells reporters that Jeff committed suicide. After a lot of confrontation, Juliette finally admits to Luke that she was drunk, going to kill herself and that Jeff died while saving her. Colt is then warned by his father to not tell anyone the reason why Jeff died. At the end of the episode Juliette goes to rehab.

"Can't Get Used to Losing You" also highlighted Rayna and Deacon's relationship and how she goes ahead to support him at his new bar.

In this week's episode 8, we will see the bond between Rayna and Deacon getting stronger as Rayna admits that she needs his support more than ever, especially with managing rebellious Maddie. The promo of "Unguarded Moments" teases that Maddie is adamant about starting her solo career, but Rayna thinks she is too young for that and does not want the media glare on her. Similarly, even Luke will be seen facing some parenting issues while dealing with Colt.

Meanwhile, Scarlett's tour will be ruined by the presence of Erin, Gunnar's girlfriend. Also, Juliette will be seen dealing with her postpartum depression in the rehab.

Plot synopsis of "Unguarded Moments" reads:

Rayna wants to turn down Sony's contract offer for Maddie to be a solo artist and finds her family life distracting her from her work with Markus. Luke is desperate to regain Colt's trust; Gunnar's girlfriend, Erin, causes issues on tour with Scarlett and Avery scrambles to make money doing insipid jingles.

"Nashville" season 4 episode 8 titled "Unguarded Moments" will be aired on ABC on 18 November at 10 pm.