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Sakshi Dhoni, MS DhoniSakshi Singh Rawat / Instagram

MS Dhoni and his wife, Sakshi, are one of the most powerful couples in the Indian cricket industry. From their cute banters, social media PDA to decked up pictures; everything generates quite a buzz. Considering the way, they fell-in-love, their love story remains one of the most romantic love stories ever.

Dhoni's royal snub to Sakshi

So what made MS Dhoni give wife Sakshi a royal snub while she continuously kept calling out for him? It so happened that Sakshi was making a video of Dhoni checking in at a hotel. While making the video, Sakshi kept referring to him as 'sweet', 'sweetie', 'cute' and 'cutie'. Since we all know the kind of man Dhoni is, embarrassed and shy, he refused to look at the camera and went about doing his own thing. Even when Sakshi asked a hotel staff standing next to Dhoni, if he is cute, Dhoni didn't turn back. What's more? The staff also nodded in agreement over Dhoni's cuteness.

Dhoni's take on Sakshi's acting

While Mahi is a doting father, it must be mentioned here that he is a loving husband too. In a rare video shared by Dhoni, his wife could be seen practising dialogue delivery for an advertisement. While she doesn't manage to get it right, Dhoni made fun of her for her dialogue delivery.

Dhoni – Sakshi love story

"All men are like lions until they get married. I am like an ideal husband...I let my wife do everything. I know I can be happy only if my wife is happy. My wife will only be happy if I say yes to anything and everything that she says. The real essence of marriage is once you cross 50. Once you are 55, I would say that's the real age for love. That's where you get slightly away from whatever your daily routine is," Dhoni had once said at a cricket event.

In an interview, Kiara Advani had revealed about the music tastes of Sakshi and Dhoni. "Sakshi mentioned that she and Dhoni both love music but they have very contrasting taste. Sakshi loves everything from house to hip hop whereas MSD likes old Hindi songs of Kishore Kumar."