Madhya Pradesh Congress minister, Jitu Patwari, who has been given the task to convince the 22 dissenting MLAs, Thursday, March 12  engaged in a scuffle with a police officer in Bengaluru, where the rebel Congress lawmakers are allegedly holed up.

The Congress party claims that their six ministers and 16 MLAs are being held captive at a Bengaluru resort and Patwari had gone there to "rescue" them.

Jitu Patwari
A scuffle broke out between Madhya Pradesh Minister Jitu Patwari and Bengaluru Police on Thursday, March 12, 2020.

However, the police didn't allow Patwari to meet the rebel MLAs and at one point, the Madhya Pradesh minister lost it at a police officer who was trying to grab him from behind. In a video of the incident that is making rounds on social media, Patwari can be seen charging at the police officer before being taken away.

In the video, a police officer is seen trying to stop Patwari who was talking on the phone. Patwari got angry and pushed the police officer, screamed and charged at him. Another man standing near tried to pacify things. Later, Patwari was detained by the Bengaluru police.

Watch the video below:

Congress says its MLAs are held captive, will move SC if not released

The Congress party held a press conference and alleged that two of its ministers - Jitu Patwari and Lakhan Singh - were assaulted in Bengaluru and later arrested. The Congress claimed that its MLAs were being held captive and if they were not released the party will move to the Supreme Court.

"Two of our minister Jitu Patwari & Lakhan Singh had gone to Bengaluru. They were assaulted, we have info that our ministers have been arrested. If the police don't take action & release our ministers & MLAs, we will have to take it to the court," the party said.

At least 22 Madhya Pradesh Congress MLAs, including six state Cabinet ministers, had resigned from the party in a bid to topple the Kamal Nath government. These MLAs are staying in a Bengaluru resort. While the Congress claims they are being held against their will, the dissenting MLAs have released videos saying that they came to the resort on their own free will.

The mass resignations were part of a revolt by senior leader Jyotiraditya Scindia against Congress, his party for 18 years. Scindia, who was at the loggerheads with CM Nath, has since joined the BJP, leaving the Kamal Nath government in turmoil.