A loud noise triggered panic among the residents in Electronic City in Bengaluru on Thursday afternoon, March 12, according to sources from the area. 

A resident from Electonic city posted, " Did anyone else hear or feel it, the door of my high rise flat shook and at least 5 of my friends in Electronic City Phase 1, Phase 2 heard it, does anyone know what that was?" 


In response to this post, another said, "Yes yes we heard that too. We are near Hebbagudi police station."  According to sources, the loud explosive sound was heard at 1:18 pm in the area. The nature of the sound remains unclear. 

Other minor explosions in the city: 

A 50-year old man was injured in a 'minor' explosion of an abandoned chemical liquid container at a garbage heap in Adugodi area in the city on Sunday, March 8 police said. The chemical, used for cutting granite, was exposed to the sun for quite some resulting in the explosion, they said.

"Minor explosion of an abandoned chemical liquid container at Adugodi used for cutting granite. One person injured. Nothing to worry and panic," Bengaluru Commissioner of Police Bhaskar Rao, IPS tweeted. The man, identified as Narasimhaiah, was injured in his left leg and had been admitted to a hospital, police said.

(International Business Times, India independently confirmed the story. The article will be updated once further details are confirmed.)