Missing 9
Jung Kyung-ho as Seo Joon-oh in MBC crime thriller Missing 9.You tube/Screenshot

Missing 9 returns with episode 7 this Wednesday, February 8, at 10pm KST on MBC and things are likely to turn against Seo Joon-oh's stylist Ra Bong-hee with Choi Tae-ho's return to Korea.

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Unlike the female lead, the Hallyu actor might record his statement through a live press briefing rather than cooperating with the Special Investigation Commission and ignoring the media. It could be interesting to hear another version of the struggles that the nine surviving witnesses of the tragic plane crash had to face on a deserted island.

The male antagonist is likely to make things more complicated for Jo Hee-kyung and Investigator Oh. He might frame Baek Jin-hee's character as a criminal and the most cruel personal he has ever seen in his life.

The current president of Legend Entertainment, Jang Do-pal, could team up with Choi Tae-joon's character and try to prove the short memory loss of Ra Bong-hee as part of scheming devised by her. He might even accuse her for the deaths of Hallyu goddess Actress Yoon So-hee and former president Hwang Jae-guk.

In the meantime, prosecutor Yoon Tae-yeong will begin a secret investigation on the crash-landing of the special chartered flight and its survivors. He will get to know from a detective that Choi Tae-ho was the person Jang Do-pal was secretly meeting in China. Will he team up with the female lead?

Click here to watch Missing Nine episode 7 live online on MBC tonight at 10pm Korean Time. The period drama will also be available online here for the K-drama fans across the globe.

Meanwhile, the flashback sequence will introduce a new character to viewers who could pose a threat to the male antagonist. He is a tabloid journalist who knows that the Hallyu actor killed Ryu Won's character.

The promo for the upcoming episode shows the reporter insisting that Seo Joon-oh and the rest of the survivors investigate their colleague's demise. The video also teases a showdown between Choi Tae-ho and the media person.

Watch the official trailer for the Korean mini-series below: