Missing 9
Baek Jin-hee as Ra Bong-hee and Jung Kyung-ho as Seo Joon-oh in MBC drama Missing 9.Twitter/MBC

Missing 9 will be back with episode 5 this Wednesday, February 1, at 10pm KST on MBC and it will focus on the various challenges faced by Ra Bong-hee and her friends at the deserted island.

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The troublemaker, Choi Tae-ho, finally came to know that there is a way to get out of the island safely. But he will have to find two more people to accompany him. Will he choose his girl friend Ha Ji-ah and close friend Lee Yeol?

The promo for the upcoming episode indicates that Choi Tae-joon's character will choose the most selfish people on the island and one among them will be former president of Legend Entertainment, Hwang Jae-Guk.

But things might turn against the Hallyu actor, after Kim Sang-ho's character decides to take his secretary Tae Ho-hang, Seo Joon-oh's manager Jung Ki-joon and actress Ji-ah along with him. The sneak peek video shows them sailing on a lifeboat. 

The trailer also hints at a showdown between Jung Kyung-ho's character and his rival. It even shows Ra Bong-hee finding Hallyu goddess Actress Yoon So-hee's chain at an isolated place. Was she killed by any of her co-passengers?

The upcoming episode of the Korean mini-series might also feature a rivalry between the female protagonist and prosecutor Yoon Tae-yeong. Will she end up behind bars for killing Ryu Won's character?

Meanwhile, speculations suggest that the period drama might focus on Baek Jin-hee's character and her relationship with unsuccessful top star, Seo Joon-oh. 

Click here to watch Missing Nine episode 5 live online on MBC on Wednesday at 10pm on Korean Time. The Korean mini-series will also be available online here.

Watch the new trailer for the Korean mini-series below: