Missing 9
Missing 9 episode 5 promo hints at troubled moments for Ra Bong-hee.Youtube/Screenshot

Missing 9 will be back with episode 5 next Wednesday, February 1, at 10pm KST on MBC and it will focus on the rivalry between Ra Bong-hee and Prosecutor Yoon Tae-yeong.

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Episode 4 of the Korean mini-series took its viewers through a roller-coaster ride and revealed shocking details about the unfortunate plane crash. The followers of the show were under the impression that only nine people survived and stayed at the deserted Island.

But it was revealed that the first officer of the chartered flight also survived the plane crash and he knows a way to safely get out of the uninhabited places. He informed Choi Tae-ho that there is a lifeboat on the beach, which can carry four people. So it is up to the actor whom he wants to take along with him.

Elsewhere, the Special Investigation Commission gets to know from the hypnotherapist that Baek Jin-hee's character was responsible for Hallyu actress Yoon So-hee's death. So she seeks her superiors' suggestion on whether they should frame the female lead as a survivor or a murderer.

In the meantime, prosecutor Yoon Tae-yeong gets to know about the hypnotherapy and he confronts the therapist about it. Will he get to know about Ra Bong-hee's role in his sister's death?

The promo for Missing 9 episode 5 shows Yang Dong-geun's character threatening the female lead and informing her that he will do anything to send her to prison. It also features another surviving witness of the tragic incident and it is Hwang Jae-Guk.

The sneak peek video features a conversation between the current president of Legend Entertainment Jang Do-pal and Kim Sang-ho's character, where in the latter curiously asks, "Bong Hee? That native? Is she still alive?"

Watch the period drama next Wednesday at 10pm Korean time on MBC to know more about the nine survivors of the plane crash. Until them, catch up with the first four episodes online here.

Check out the official trailer for the MBC series below: