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The Season 2 finale of "Married at First Sight" reveals the cast members' final decision. While some of them are destined to break up, it remains to be seen if Christie and Mark and Erin and Bryce will stay together even after episode 7.

Fans of Christie and Mark can rejoice. The DJ from Sydney, who has so far been really distant from her partner, Mark, has finally started developing feelings for him. In fact, Christie's voice-over in the promo video indicates that she has strong feelings for the man who wants to become a farmer.

While Christie's honesty and vulnerability is endearing to fans, Mark seems reluctant to reciprocate the feelings towards her. The TV personality, who has been quite strong in their relationship, says in the promo that he is worried about the long distance.

He looks rather wary when he talks about moving to Sydney. To be sure, Christie has the same doubts, but it seems as if she is willing to work through these issues. Episode 7 of "Married at First Sight" Australia will perhaps depict a role reversal in Christie and Mark's relationship, or as the experts call it, marriage.

Meanwhile, fan-favourite couple Erin and Bryce will also reveal their decision in the finale. Erin seems smitten by her loving and patient husband. The promo on Facebook indicates that Erin's decision to not have kids could pose a problem, but a source revealed that the two are very much in love. There is a high chance that Erin and Bryce could still be together after the show ends.

The third couple on the show, Simone and Xavier are most probably headed to singlesville. After a good start, they don't seem to be compatible. Simone has a different idea of a relationship in comparison to her partner. Sources told Daily Mail that they decided to part ways. Furthermore, Mamma Mia, an Australian blog, reported that Simone was seen without her commitment ring during a shopping expedition.

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"Married at First Sight" Australia Season 2 episode 7 airs at 7.30 p.m. AEST on Wednesday, April 27, on Channel 9. You can live-stream the episode via 9Now.