Stevie will  learn in second part of the reunion that Joseline is pegnant
Stevie will learn in second part of the reunion that Joseline is pregnantFacebook/Love & Hip Hop

The toxic and dramatic Season 5 of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" will conclude with part two of "Exposed and Unfiltered" on Monday, Aug. 8. The episode will hopefully give fans some closure regarding Stevie and Joseline's non-marriage and reveal the truth about the latter's pregnancy.

As fans saw in the previous episode, Joseline is apparently pregnant, and according to her the baby is Stevie's. However, Stevie has no idea about this, and as of "Exposed and Unfiltered: Part 1" did not even want to meet her. In the upcoming finale, he will finally learn this news and will have to face the woman who we had all assumed was his wife for many years now.

Joseline had announced this pregnancy on social media a while back, and Stevie was quick to say announce that if Joseline was in fact truly pregnant, the baby was not his. He in fact, even got a restraining order against her, which bans her being less than 200 yards away from him.

Following this, fans were shocked to learn that Joseline, who had claimed that she was Mrs Jordan all along, is actually married to a man named Matthew Lewis Tremellen. There are even documents claiming that they got hitched in Florida's Boward County back in 1997. However, the drama does not end there.

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A new information has been unearthed by fans obsessed with finding the truth behind Joseline's pregnancy, and according to this, her real baby daddy is a 60-something club owner who is known to not use condoms. However, the identity of the affluent man, who apparently has an affinity for Black women, remains a mystery.

It is doubtful that all of this information will be revealed in "Exposed and Unfiltered: Part 2," but hopefully, we will at least get to learn the truth about Tiarra Becca's pregnancy and marriage. As fans saw, Tiarra, had learned that she is pregnant yet again in the finale episode of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 5, but the father of the child was not revealed.

From the show, fans would have assumed that the father could be J Nicks, but it turns out there is nothing more that friendship between the old friends. In an interview Ken Butler World Tiarra had said, [J Nicks] is actually a friend I've had for year, but I could never date him, or sleep with him, or do anything like that... And he is a good friend ... But nobody on that show can compare to my husband."

Yes, you saw it right, Tiarra has apparently gotten hitched in secret and the name of her husband is Brian. She has been quite secretive about who her man is, but she did say he wants to name their potential baby Brya Benver Shaw if it's a girl.

Don't forget to watch Season 5 episode 18 of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" at 8 p.m. (EST) on Monday, July 25. You can also watch the episode online via VH1 website.