Miss Nikki Baby is one of the most popular stars of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Miss Nikki Baby is one of the most popular stars of Love and Hip Hop HollywoodInstagram/Miss Nikki Baby

The drama of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 5 is culminating with next week's reunion episode, titled "Exposed and Unfiltered: Part 2." However, Vh1 is far from done showing the entertaining and addictive lives of hip hop artistes, and starting Monday, Aug. 15, fans will get to see "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" Season 3.

Relatively a new addition to the franchise, "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" has quickly become a fan favourite, thanks to all the added glitz and glam of La La Land. One of the most popular cast members of the series is Nikki Mudarris, better known as Miss Nikki Baby. In fact, she is to "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood," what Joseline is to Atlanta and Cardi B is to New York.

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This is not to say she has not had her share of haters, with most of them happening to see her as a rival of their man's affections. In Season 1, Nikki's nemesis was Masika and although the latter was absent in Season 2 of "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood," it has been confirmed that she will be featured in the upcoming Season 3. All fans will remember the drink-throwing incident at Morgan Hardman's home. Refresh your memory by watching it here:

However, it looks like she will not be stirring up any trouble with Nikki, especially because the two seem to have become friends since the commencement of Season 1. Masika will actually be seen fighting with her baby daddy Fetty Wap, over their daughter's future.

This season is also expected to see the marriage of Ray J and Princess, and from how things ended in Season 6 of "Love and Hip Hop: New York," it looks like Richie will be seen trying to win Moniece Slaughter back.

Watch the trailer for "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" Season 3 here: