Season 5 of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" has been all about the Jordans, their confusing relationship and everyone who was foolish enough gets caught in the middle of their problems. Despite their mutual vocally declared hatred, it looks like when it comes to putting someone else down, they show a united front.

In the previous episode, fans saw that quite a few cast members had travelled all the way from Atlanta to LA to attend the Grammys. Among them were Joseline and Stevie J, who came separately, leading everyone to believe that Stevie's comments about them not being married could be true. Stevie had even taken Jessica Dime, whose music he suddenly has an interest in producing, as his date to many events while there.

However, the estranged couple had decided to meet and talk out their differences, wherein both of them seemed to agree that they are better off without the other. However, the hugs they shared after the talk seemed a little too touchy for people who have decided to move on.

Joseline, ever the mastermind, also decided to get revenge on Tommie for announcing that she would sleep with Stevie in order to make Scrappy jealous, by more or less planning a ménage à trois. She had told the cameras that she would expose Tommie for not being a loyal person and waiting for her man to return, instead running her mouth about she would make Stevie sleep with her.

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Although the episode ended with Stevie refusing the ladies' offer in the interest of not offending his nephew, it looks like the story did not actually end there. According to Tommie, after her rendezvous with Joseline, Stevie went to her hotel room, offering his services to her; all professional, of course. However, she called his bluff and sent him away, after which Joseline came calling.

Tommie also accused Joseline of calling the cops on her, claiming that she was hiding a fugitive in her room. While she related all this to Stevie's sister KK, she does not seem to believe this, especially because of Tommie's drinking problem.

The truth of the matter is expected to be revealed in Season 5 episode 15 of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" titled "Heart to Heart," which will be aired at  8 p.m. (EST) on Monday, July 18. You can also live-stream the episode via VH1 website.