"The League" season 7 is all set to air its final season's finale episode on 9 December. And the series is expected to end on a high end, at least that's what the penultimate episode 12 hinted. It was an out-and-out "League" style episode. The showrunners have confirmed an extra 15-minute runtime and have said that the series finale, "The Great Night of Shiva", is a full 45-minute episode.

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In the penultimate episode last week, we saw Rafi moving in with Ruxin as he wants to take him through the 13 stages of grief. On the other hand, Andre tries to rescue the Michelin star and Kevin has to run The League's fantasy scores by hand -- old school ways. Episode 12 also saw Meegan come back with a baby bump and Pete announcing that he will be competing in the Draft Kings tournament.

But the best thing about "The 13 Stages of Grief" was the entertainment quotient. From Kevin's madness to fantasy scoring, grungey old college sweatshirt, Rafi's bathroom-slash-kitchen habits to Pete's dick-jokes -- the episode was enjoyable and truly hilarious. The content proved that "The League" had got back its lost mojo.

Well, now we need to see if the show maintains its tempo in the finale as well. In the series finale we will see how the fates of the Shiva, Sacko and Snip will be decided. While Ruxin takes a big decision that will impact his chances of winning and the league's survival.

Plot synopsis of "The Great Night of Shiva" reads:

The Shiva, the Sacko and the Snip are all for the taking; Ruxin has to make a decision that could impact his chances of winning and could tear the league apart.

"The League" season 7 finale episode 13, titled "The Great Night of Shiva", will be aired on 9 December on FXX at 10pm.