Australia stabbing

A knife-wielding man went on a stabbing spree in Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday. A video went viral showing locals trying to stop him with just bare hands and chairs from the shops in the vicinity. He injured one woman and another one was found dead in an apartment close to the scene.

The man managed to stab quite a few people before he was stopped and restrained with chairs and even a milk crate. He was later arrested by the police.

The incident took place at 14:00 hours local time in Sydney on Tuesday near Clarence Street and King Street at the Central Business District.

The video shows the man wielding a knife first jumping on cars at the Central Business District and threatening the people who were cautiously approaching him. BBC reports that he was heard saying "Allahu Akbar" and "shoot me". However, it is unclear from the video what he was saying.

The traffic in the area came to a stanstill, while people approached him with chairs trying to unarm him. A clip in the video shows the man was finally restrained with chairs and people were seen guarding him till the police reached the spot.

The man had injured one woman and another woman was found dead, said the police. "We have a female person with a stab wound in the back, currently being treated by paramedics and is en route to a Sydney hospital," Police Superintendent Gavin Wood was quoted as saying by Reuters. He added that the injuries are not life-threatening.

About the woman who was killed, the police said the body was found in an apartment near the stabbing scene. The police are still investigating if the two incidents are linked.