Jane The Virgin
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Rogelio de la Vega and Rafael Solano are likely to take the centre stage in Jane The Virgin season 3 episode 2, titled Struggling Relationships. The sequel will air this Monday, October 24, at 9pm EST on The CW.

The romantic comedy will also focus on various challenges faced by Xiomara Gloriana Villanueva a.k.a Xo, parenting struggles of her daughter Jane and Anezka's next move against her twin sister Petra. The fans can also expect to watch a couple counselling of Dr Luisa Alver and drug dealer Sin Rostro in the upcoming episode.

"I think Sin Rostra and Luisa will go into a little bit of couple's counselling and maybe there's a talking code like, 'You killed my fish' but I'm interested in that," teased Jennie Snyder Urman.

The creator even stated that the drama series will have some bigger storytelling moves structured in the show that will make the characters fall in love and fight for it, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Click here to watch the episode live online. Chapter Forty-Six of the romantic comedy drama will also be available online on The CW website. Check out the official synopsis below:

When Rafael finally admits that he is over Jane, their co-parenting style is tested when they argue over what the best preschool is for Mateo. Xo is paranoid about Alba finding out her secret and what it will do to their relationship. Rogelio is ready to cross over to American TV, especially after he learns his nemesis is making the transition. Meanwhile, "Anezka" is trying to find new dirt on Rafael when she begins an unexpected romance.

Meanwhile, Cuban-American musician cum producer Emilio Estefan G√≥mez and his wife Gloria will guest star in Jane The Virgin season 3 episode 3, titled Dreams. Here is the official synopsis for the sequel: 

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) continues to work on her thesis and she decides to add Alba's estranged sister to the narrative, much to Alba's dismay. In order for Rogelio to have a chance at being an American crossover star, he decides to bring the Passions of Santos to The CW in hopes they will pick it up. Xo thinks about abandoning her dream of being a singer for something more realistic. Meanwhile, Luisa is forced to make a choice between her family or Rose.