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After depicting one of the cutest weddings on TV, the producers of "Jane the Virgin" decided to end the Season 2 finale on a note that's so somber, it could make even the happiest person experience a bout of depression.

Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) husband Michael (Brett Dier) was shot in the chest by his partner Susanne aka Sin Rostro aka Rose. If this wasn't shocking enough, Jane was still left a virgin in Season 2 episode 22. But, will this change in Season 3? Will Michael survive?

The detective's chances of survival are slim, but if he does indeed stay in the land of the living, there would be a stark difference in his character. Dier said that he doesn't know if he will return to the new season of "Jane the Virgin," but added that there are many ways Michael's storyline could progress.

"Knowing Michael, I think it will cause him to be more appreciative of life. Not to take a moment for granted and to love EVEN more than he loved before," he said in an interview with Bustle.

Michael's gunshot could lead to a closer (can that be possible?) relationship between Jane and him. However, the actor added that there could be a layer of darkness in his personality. According to Dier, Michael could experience post-traumatic stress disorder that could envelop the detective's positive outlook. But Dier added, "These are just ideas, obviously. I know just as much as you."

The cast and producers of the TV series have been extremely tight-lipped about the new season of "Jane the Virgin." Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman revealed very little about how the plot would progress when Season 3 begins. However, she did add that the latest season would pick up just hours after Season 2's events ended, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

So the big question of Michael's fate will perhaps be revealed as soon Season 3 premieres.