Rashika dancing on her wedding day.
Rashika dancing on her wedding day.Instagram/design_aqua_studio

Weddings can get a little too stressful at times, but not for this bride. Over the years, Indian brides have been seasoned into believing they have to be poised, calm and an emblem of tradition and beauty on their wedding day, but Rashika chose to shed the customary shyness and entertained social media with her belly dancing skills on her wedding day!

The short video of Rashika swaying and breaking into the perfect fusion of Punjabi bhangra and belly dance has managed to take the internet by storm, with people applauding her talent and sheer lack of inhibitions on her big day.

Dressed in traditional wedding-day attire till her torso and pairing it fitted denim and a pair of sneakers underneath, Rashika's video has already acquired 4 lakh views so far.

It was posted on Instagram originally, by the account design_aqua_studio, with the caption: "Tag a cool bride to be!! You must have seen brides dancing BUT NOT LIKE HERRR! She has trained in classical dance for 16 years! Check out Rashika killing it on her wedding day dancing on one of my favorite numbers."

Rashika's video is another solid proof of brides who are all about breaking stereotypical norms about composed goddesses or the quintessential bridezillas who eventually end up being a horror to everybody attending the wedding.

Rashika's video comes shortly after another newly-wed bride had danced in her ghunghat (veil) and the super cool one that decided to take over the beats of Cheap Thrills by Sia with her friends.

You can check out the video here:

It is clear – this girl surely knows how to have fun! Especially having been trained in the art, she did know the best time to pull out her big guns.