Pinky Chaudhary
Pinky Chaudhary: Video grab

A far-right group Hindu Raksha Dal claimed responsibility for the brutal attack on students and teachers in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus by a masked mob on January 5.

In 1 minute and 59-second video footage shared on Twitter, the Hindu outfit leader Pinky Chaudhary alias Bhupendra Tomar claimed that the party workers, wearing masks,  barged into the varsity as "anti-national and anti-Hindu activities" were being carried out. 

JNU is a hotbed of anti-national activities, we can't tolerate this. We take full responsibility of the attack in JNU and would like to say that they were our workers.- Pinky Chaudhary, Hindu Raksha Dal

Pinky Chaudhary
Pinky Chaudhary. ANI

The far-right wing leader further said, "They live in our country, eat here, study here and then indulge in anti-national activities. The ones involved in the JNU attack were our party workers. We are always ready to sacrifice our lives for this country.

"If in future others indulge in similar anti-national activities, we will again carry out similar activities in those universities. We take responsibility to carry out these actions."

Delhi police takes cognisance

Delhi police has taken cognisance and are investigating the claims made by Chaudhary. The CCTV footage of the masked men in JNU has been sent for face recognition to identify the faces behind the masks.  

JNU violence 

JNU protest
Hundreds of JNU students staged a march to Parliament, on the opening day of the winter session.Twitter

Unprecedented violence was seen in the Jawaharlal Nehru University on Sunday, January 5 as several masked individuals, both male and female, thrashed students, including girls, and teachers inside the campus with wooden and metal rods, injuring many.

While the number of the injured in the various clashes which occurred through the day was not yet known, at least 20 students were admitted to the AIIMS with severe injuries following the evening clash.

They included two office-bearers of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU), including President Aishe Ghosh - who was reportedly hit over the eye with an iron rod, received severe injuries. "I have been brutally beaten up by masked people. I don't know who they were," Ghosh said as she broke into tears while blood flowed profusely from her head. JNUSU General Secretary Satish Chandra was also injured in the attack.