Disney's Magical Avatar Theme Park
Disney's Magical Avatar Theme ParkYoutube Screenshot

Grabbing the perfect opportunity in the festive season, Disney released an enticing behind the scene video of Disney's Magical Avatar Theme Park on December 25.

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The two-minute video shows plenty of clips from James Cameron's 2009 film Avatar, including the concept art illustrations of the future look of the theme park.

Posting the footage on YouTube, Disney Parks mentioned: "Get a behind the scenes look at Pandora: The World of AVATAR coming this summer to Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort!"

"It's a stunning amount of innovation to make one believable world ― Pandora," said Joe Rohde, senior vice president of creative at Walt Disney Imagineering.

The video depicts the hard work put together by Disney's chief engineers. "I was very sceptical that it was even physically possible to build the world of Pandora. This was a crazy thing to try to do. Virtually everything in the world is a custom-designed, complex, programmed piece of show equipment. Hundreds of plants and the entire ride systems," Rohde added.

The theme park includes a ride that will make visitors feel like they are flying on Banshee creatures and take them on a beautiful river ride through a stunning bio-luminescent forest that gives the park a sparkly glow. Catch a glimpse of the Avatar Park in the following video.

Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger first announced the plan to build an Avatar-themed area at Disney World's Animal Kingdom in 2011. In 2013, the first concept art of what the Florida-based attraction would look like was released.