A heartbreaking video was recently released online which shows a policeman mercilessly hitting a woman with a child at Gwalior railway police station.

The Gwalior Police clarified that the video is two years old. They added that they did not know of the incident until the video surfaced and are planning on questioning the policeman. The Gwalior Police told NDTV that he is currently away on poll duty and will be interrogated regarding the incident when he gets back.

policeman beating woman

The video, which was posted by a Twitter user, showed three women, each carrying a toddler, crouching on the floor. A policeman with a lathi walks in and starts questioning them and asks them to stand up to which they scramble away.

When they do not get up, the policeman starts hitting the woman closest to him. She was carrying a baby and tries to shield it from the blows. Angered, he begins pulling her by her hair and forces her to stand up.

He kept hitting her even though she was pleading and crying for him to stop. He then pointed to some things on the floor and she cleans them and puts them in her bag.

The policeman then pointed his lathi to the other women and gestured them to come forward.

This video kindled the anger of many people who were horrified at the violence used on the women, especially when they were carrying children. They condemned the interrogation style used by the policeman who tried to extract information by hitting and causing harm.

There are three other policemen standing in the background and not doing anything to stop him from inflicting harm on the woman. In fact, they appear to be smiling and talking amongst themselves while the woman was being beaten up.