Sebastian Steudtner (encircled) riding the 115-ft waveYouTube

Surfing is one of the most thrilling sports, both for the participants and the viewers. Watching daredevils use nature's force for their own recreation is a spectacle in itself. Over the years, this activity has gone from being a mere pastime for beach-goers to a serious sport with many leading surfers of the world competing for trophies and recognition.

In January last year, a German surfer called Sebastian Steudtner produced a performance that would leave even the most uninterested person gobsmacked. Surfing off the coast of Nazare in Portugal, the 33-year old was able to master a monsterous wave that was scary to even look at, leave aside venturing into it.

The viewers who were present on the lighthouse fort of Praia de Norte saw the man from Nuremberg ride a wave that was 115-feet in height. The video of the incident has been seen by a large number of people running into millions. This surf was enlisted as one of the entries for the Ride of the Year trophy at WSL Big Wave awards.

Sebastian Steudtner riding the 115-ft wave in Nazare, PortugalYouTube

Journey of the surfer

Steudtner learned the art of surfing at the age of nine when he was visiting France with his family for a vacation. This activity turned into a passion for the young boy and by the time he was in his teens, he wanted to master the art by learning it from professionals. His formal training happened in Hawai, USA.

It was after his turning a professional that Praia de Norte came to be regarded as the spot for the highest and most consistent waves. It was here that he rode a 71-feet wave in 2014 to bag the XXL Biggest Wave Award. But last year, the German went even further by conquering the 115-feet wave. Daredevilry has seldom been seen in such a spectacular form.