Rosa Fond, a professional animal rescuer in Florida, is being hailed as an angel on social media after she rescued a snake which had got its head stuck inside a beer can. She owns Humans & Animals United.

According to Fox 13, Rosa had spotted the snake while driving in Brooksville. Even though Rosa is not the biggest fan of reptiles, especially snakes, she said she knew she had to rescue the animal, which was identified as a non-venomous black racer.

woman rescue's snake
Rosa can be seen trying to take the snake's head from the canFacebook/ Rosa Fond

"I saw she was alive and started to panic but I knew I had to save her. Anyone else would have probably killed her... I couldn't let her be hurt," Rosa was quoted as saying by Fox 13.

Rosa placed her phone on the ground and started recording her attempt to rescue the snake. She took a stick and tried to pull the snake out with it. All through the video, Rosa can be heard screaming whenever the snake moved. At one point, the snake was so frightened that it began to coil itself around the can and Rosa's hand too.

In the video, she was even heard saying, "I'm not trying to be mean, please forgive me."

Rosa shared the video online and received a lot of appreciation for her sensitivity in helping the animal which was clearly in pain. One comment read, "I was an animal control officer for a long time - never once did I see a snake in a beer can! As fearful as some people are of snakes (they're one of my favorites) I can understand your emotions must have been running high..... Kudos for putting your feelings aside and helping him out!!!"

Another woman wrote, "Rosa Fond, you are angel!!!!!!"