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Rinku KumarRinku Kumar

Rinku Kumar, also known as Rinku Bhai, is a snake catcher from Goa who has been active for the past 10 years. He recently faced the nightmare of his life when a Cobra bit him during a rescue operation.

It all happened a few days back when Rinku got a call from Benaulim, around five km from Margao, stating that an Indian Spectacled Cobra was hiding in a warehouse. Rinku rushed to the spot along with his aides - Jovito from Chandur and Pradeep from Kerala - and managed to catch the snake after 30 minutes of hide-and-seek game.

The most ferocious part happened when Rinku was trying to put the snake in a sack so that he can leave it in a forest. At that point, the cobra bit Rinku's wrist and he started bleeding. However, a determined Rinku was not ready to give up, and within seconds, he put the snake in the sack.

Soon, Rinku's friends took him to Hospicio Hospital in Margao where he was kept under observation for 24 hours. Luckily, the bite was not that deep and Rinku survived.

In an exclusive with International Business Times, India, Kumar narrated his journey into catching snakes.

"I love animals. They are also the owners of this world. Many people tend to kill snakes as they fear these reptiles. But I believe humans are the worst creatures on this land. Snakes will not bite you unless and until they are afraid. I am doing all these things to create awareness among people that all animals have their share in this planet earth," said Rinku Kumar.

He also added that saving wildlife is pretty much essential for humans to survive. To create awareness among people about snakes, Rinku has also started a YouTube channel named 'Snake Catcher Rinku Kumar'.

"Wildlife and humans should be blended with each other in this world. I repeat that this world is not only for humans. When we are destructing their habitat, they are coming out. Let these creatures live peacefully. That's my aim, my goal. I want to see wild animals roaming freely in forests. My motto, 'Save the animal, Save the world'," added Rinku.