Rajasthan panchayat member beats colleague

A panchayat meeting at Jhunjhunu village in Rajasthan was filled with drama after a female member slapped a colleague, accusing him of using abusive language.

A video of the incident went viral where the woman, Hansa Verma, accused Rakesh Kaswan of disrespecting women and talking about them in an abusive manner. She also accused him of not letting her talk during the panchayat meetings.

Hansa slapped Rakesh and began yelling at him. She even tried to remove her slippers to hit Rakesh but was stopped by other members who were witnessing the situation unfold in front of them.

The incident took place during the general assembly of panchayat samiti on Wednesday. The meeting was convened for the fourth time in two weeks. During the meeting, Hansa stood up and alleged that Kaswan spoke in an abusive manner and the argument escalated, reports Jagran.

Rakesh alleged that this was done to insult him and belittle him in front of his peers, reports claim. Speaking about the incident, Savita Khabas, the panchayat chief, said that what happened was wrong.